What to do on Water Island
Start by renting a Golf cart at Rachael's Rentals

Welcome to Water Island.

A beautiful residential Island with a great sense of pride in the community. Our roadsides and beaches remain clean because of amazing volunteers that take the time to pick up everywhere they go, so please make sure you take ALL trash to a trash can. With no Fire or Medical services provided by the government Water Island has its own Volunteer run search and rescue operation. Water Island Search and Rescue (WISAR), taking care of visitors and residents emergency needs since 2003. Click here to support WISAR. You can also support them by buying a T shirt or Tank top as a Water Island memento, these are available at Rachael's Rental's office, please ask attendant to see them!

To get to Water Island take the Water Island Ferry from Crown Bay Marina by Tickles Dockside pub on St Thomas leaving every hour on the hour. check schedule: www.waterislandferry.com

After you arrive to the Water Island Ferry dock (aka Phillips landing) you can take a very short walk (2 min) up the hill and on the right hand side you will see a sign for"Rachael's Rentals". Here you can rent a 2, 4 or 6 passenger golf cart for the day, or longer if you are staying the night, you can explore the fort and views on our beautiful island. We give you a map and directions to all the best spots on the island.

Things to do include sightseeing via golf cart and looking at the views, going to Honeymoon Beach where you can swim snorkel and have  lunch at Dinghy's Beach bar, stopping by Heidi's Hilltop Hideaway almost to the top of Providence hill for an amazing lunch or a drink while you enjoy the view and meet the locals. 

Cross Roads! Local art and Shave Ice at the crest of the hill on the way to the fort!

WI Mart located near the ferry dock is a little store that sells drinks and essential food and home items for your stay on Water Island. contact # 340-227-5527 (same owner as Dinghy's Beach bar)

Dinghy's beach bar rents paddle boards and snorkel equipment and has chairs and umbrellas for use if you patronize the bar. contact 340-227-5527

You can explore WWII Fort Segarra and its underground passageways for a spooky look back in time to world war 2. (**Note this historical fort is unmaintained and can be very dangerous)

You are sure to see a Red Footed Tortoise somewhere as you drive around and even an iguana siting is possible.

If you like Water Island so much that you want to stay for a night or maybe even a week!? Check out these beautiful rental properties on the island.

Villa Terra Nova -www.villaterranova.com

Virgin Islands Campground- www.virginislandscampground.com

Water Island Villas- www.waterislandvillas.com

Villa Papaya- www.vrbo.com/384712

Villa CasaBlanca- www.casablancavi.com

For more great information on Water Island visit www.waterislandwica.com
or www.waterislandhistory.com

Rachael's Rentals

Rachael's Rentals